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The wandering thoughts of a twenty-something wife.
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Hello lovely people!​​​​

​I'm Elizabeth F.P.author of Ribbons & Roses. I live in the South West of England, with my husband Sean and our beautiful kitten Rusco. 

​Looking around, I've found it tricky to find Blogs/ Vlogs by a young-ish newlywed. There's loads about how to be single, how to parent, how to date, how to do your make-up, but not much about how to get your head round the wierd reality that is marriage, day-to-day life after the big white wedding (or in our case, the secret intimate wedding which no one knew about)!

​So I thought I'd start the conversation, because being a newly married woman, balancing a career, marriage and studies, can be a challenge!

​Alongside being a primary school teacher, I also teach Mindfulness for children, something which I'm really passionate about. I love music, especially singing, and crafting (hence Ribbons and Roses).

​So, please feel free to wander across these pages,  join in the conversation - I'd love to hear your expeirences and views on what it means to be a woman, married or not, in the 21st century.

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